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Zahli is a silent assassin who lets her surfing do the talking, a name that so often slips through the cracks because of her reserved demeanour, a competent and competitive surfer she is a top contender for the CT and it’s only a matter of time before she gets there, only missing qualification for 2020 by 2 spots! Don’t let her cool, calm nature fool you, she has the eye of a tiger and was Australasian Pro Junior Champion twice at a young 13 and 14 years, she knows what’s up when it comes to competition and performs when it counts.

Zahli’s air game is jaw dropping, her rail game is inspiring - she charges in big waves and shows up the boys. Surfing for pretty much half of her short life because her brother wanted someone to go with, it’s no wonder it comes as second nature to her. Juggling school and surfing, Zahli still likes to find time to get to the snow every winter where she practices her airs. Zahli reckons the amount of height you can get on a snowboard makes airs in the ocean seem more manageable. There is a lot of mystery that surrounds Zahli, no one really know what she’s up to and she likes doing things her own way. Her dedication to progressive surfing is second to none and Zahli is one of the leaders in the next generation of female surfers ready to turn things upside down on the world stage. She has no fear, so bring on the next year!