Surfing is either love at first sight when you first feel the stoke, or a slow falling in love as you find your groove in the great ocean. For Josie Prendergast, it actually wasn’t the moment her father pushed her into the waves that surfing took hold. It was when she revisited the ocean a few years later, in her second home, the beautiful Byron Bay. Her devotion to surfing hasn’t wavered since and maybe it was only a matter of time; her deeply rooted connection to the sport bred into her spirit while living on a tiny island in the Phillipines as a child. Or maybe it’s her natural appreciation and gratitude for being graced with the opportunity to even get out there on a surfboard. Either way, when it comes to surfing, Josie is head over heels.

She’s our free spirited, graceful and stylish long-boarder who cruises through life and cruises to the nose, always hanging ten with comfort and ease at her favourite surf spot, The Pass. Her main mantra she likes to live by is “we are all human, doing life in our own way. Life is living and learning, the best you can do, is the best you can do.” Some wise words from a gentle and humble soul who devoted a lot of her time giving back and helping out with her family and community in the Phillipines who are her biggest inspiration. She recently raised some much needed funds for the people of the Phillipines after a super typhoon destroyed everything. They may inspire her, but she is their idol and authentic influence. We could seriously watch her surf all day, she has something special, is always smiling and is sweeter than honey.