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Chicago born, Hawaii raised Hayley Otto is our goofy-footed gracious blonde haired beauty who does a dramatic waltz on her longboard at Waikiki on the daily. A regular at Queens and Alamoana Bowls, yet her favourite place in the world is Japan! “It’s the coolest place I’ve ever been, I absolutely love the culture and the waves are so fun.” Her greatest achievements are winning the 2018 US Longboard championships and competing on the WSL Women’s Longboard Tour at just 15 years old. Haley knows lots of young(er) girls look up to her and so being a good role model is of utmost importance to her. It’s not always about winning, but the entire experience and her life motto is to be kind, always.

As a first generation surfer in her family, she has truly paved her own way but believes her success is thanks to her parents. One, they moved to Oahu when Haley was seven and became besotted with the magical sport of surfing and two, “they work so hard and want nothing but the best for my siblings and I. They support me in anything I want to do and I am so incredibly grateful for them.” Two things you may not know about Haley: she loves to late-night binge on chocolate ice cream, but has never tried fish. Fancy that!

With a clean, classic and poised style, we could watch her surf til the sun sets but this surf sister balances school with surfing and does an exceptional job at both - if surfing doesn’t work out, she wants to be a marine biologist and study coral reefs. Excited for this happy-go-lucky teen, she’s bound for big things.